Our Story

With the Covid-19 pandemic in full swing, we wanted to explore renewable and portable technology products that could help safeguard consumers against bringing unwanted viruses, germs, and bacteria into their home, school, and/or workplace via their phones, masks. and other personal property. With the shortages of essential cleaning supplies like lysol and disinfectant wipes apparent in every supermarket and big box retailer across the globe. UV sanitizing is a solution that you can count on, and that will last longer than any consumable product on the market. As most people know, the Coronavirus and other germs and bacteria are found in high touch areas in the community and can be brought into the home via phones, masks, clothing and other materials that are exposed in the public community. UV light devices have been proven to kill many types of viruses surfaces and personal items quickly and efficiently, so you rest better knowing you are doing all you can to combat harmful germs during the pandemic and long after it is over. Keeping you and your family healthy and germ free is our number one priority!